Friday/ waiting for my VIN

Another week, and still no call from the Tesla dealership (saying ‘your Tesla is ready for pickup’).
I still don’t have my vehicle identification number (VIN), though, so I did not really expect a call this week.
The VIN is needed to finalize/ update one’s auto insurance policy, prior to taking delivery of the car.

A Tesla bot or a Tesla person did send me an e-mail today, saying ‘We are working to get you behind the wheel of your Tesla as soon as possible‘.

Here’s how to decode a Tesla VIN. 5YJ means Tesla made the car; I think Position (‘Digit’) 4 will be M; not sure of 5; 6 will be D for “Type 2 manual seatbelts (FR, SR*3), PODS.”; 7 will be E for Electric, not sure of 8 & 9; 10 will be M for 2021, as prescribed by the NHSTA; 11 will be F for Fremont; last come the 6 digits for a unique serial number. (This means any one plant will never produce more than 999,999 vehicles in any one model year, which seems a reasonable assumption!).
[Information from Charles Benoit online at Electrek]

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