Friday/ playing with number plates (again)

If I don’t get a personalized license plate from my new car, a plate number will be drawn for me from the current series.

Washington State started issuing 7-character license plates in 2011.
At that time the 6-character series of 001-AAA to 999-ZZZ had been exhausted.
The current format is AAA0000 to ZZZ9999.
It takes 5 to 6 years for one letter in the first position to be exhausted. So at this point, all Washington State cars 10 years or younger, have plates starting with A or B.  We’re nearing the end of the B numbers, though. As far as I can tell, the latest plate numbers issued are in the BYT7000 range.

So that makes it possible to play a guessing game, to see what plate number might be drawn for me (see the table below).

BYT (byte) is cool, but I will be too late for one of those. (My car will be delivered around mid-June).
I do not want BYU. People might think I am associated with Brigham Young University in Utah.
Maybe I will catch a BZA number. ZA is the old international country abbreviation for South Africa. Long ago, drivers touring southern Africa would add a separate oval plate or sticker, with ZA on, to their vehicle’s standard number plate.  Some still do, to this day.

That third letter in the plate number changes roughly every three days (so that comes to 10,000 new car registrations in WA state: a series of say, BYW0000- BYW9999). Some time in June, BYZ9999 should be issued, and BZA0001 will be next. BZA3141 has the first four digits of π. Getting that exact plate would be like winning the lottery, of course!

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