Sunday/ ‘red’ irises are not red

Just as efforts to create a blue rose have stymied growers and plant geneticists, so have efforts to create a red iris. The flower has almost no red pigment naturally.
– Barbara Whitaker in a report called ‘The Hunt Continues for the Holy Grail: A Red Iris’ in the NYT, in 2006

Irises come in every color of the rainbow, but not in a true red. I found these ‘red’ ones here in my neighborhood.

It felt like summer today (76 °F/ 24 °C), but we will drop back to cooler weather tomorrow.

Beautiful bearded irises here on 17th Avenue. What color are these? My phone camera makes them look a little redder than they do in real life. ‘Red’ irises are invariably shades of wine, brick or reddish brown.

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