Wednesday/ golden mushrooms

I did have a few of the large fly agaric mushrooms in my backyard in October (red with white spots), but they were not as big as last year’s.

I have not seen these golden ones before in my backyard, though. Looks like they are golden Pholiota (Pholiota aurivella).  They are supposedly edible; some people report that they taste like marshmallows without the sugar.
(That does not sound tempting .. and as I’ve said before, the only mushrooms I eat are ones from the grocery store!).

A clump of golden Pholiota (Pholiota aurivella). These are gilled mushrooms that reproduce with spores. The bamboo stick in the ground is about ½ in. thick.
These are a little more mature, with their brown scales that contrast with the golden cap color.

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