Monday/ the Corona Winter of 2020

These screenshots are from a German TV commercial that has an older man from the future reminisce and talk of the ‘Corona Winter of 2020’, as if it had been a war. (Germany reverted to stricter stay-at-home measures on Monday Nov 2).

The commercial is nicely done, but has had a lukewarm reception in Germany. Someone on Twitter said that Germans like to complain about Germany.

I think it was the winter of 2020 when all the eyes of the country were upon us. I had just turned 22, studied engineering in Chemnitz, when the second wave arrived.
22, at this age you want to party, to get to know new people and all that. Going for drinks with friends.
Yet fate had different plans for us. An invisible danger threatened everything we believed in. Suddenly the fate of the country was in our hands.
We mustered all of our courage and did what was expected of us. The only right thing. We did ..
.. Absolutely nothing. Being lazy as raccoons. Day and night we kept our a**** at home and fought the spread of the virus. Our sofas were the front and our patience our weapon. You know, sometimes I have to smile at myself when thinking back to this time. This was our fate. This is how we became heroes. Back then, during that Corona Winter of 2020.
Become a hero too and stay at home. Together against Corona.

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