Friday/ after all, a solid win for Biden

With very few votes still being counted, the New York Times and other news organizations now report that Biden has won Arizona and Georgia, and Trump has won North Carolina. Biden 306 electoral college votes, Trump 232.

Biden for the win: 306-232 electoral college votes. [Graphic from the New York Times].
The results from the States. Not going to lie: definitely disappointing that the margins in the red states, and esp. in Florida, Ohio and Texas, were as large as they were, favoring Trump. So these voters saw what Trump did in office for four years, and said: Yes, please! We want FOUR MORE YEARS. Unbelievable.
Here’s Biden’s win in the context of the popular (national) vote: on par with Obama 2012.  George W. Bush got his 2000 win despite losing the popular vote. Then there’s Trump 2016: became a one-term IMPEACHED President, that LOST THE NATIONAL VOTE TWICE. Might as well call it quits and move out of the White House right now, no?

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