Saturday/ it’s Marmite – or nothing

I again picked up my groceries that I had ordered online, yesterday.
I forgot to review the substitutes that that the in-store picker had made, beforehand. (They pick a ‘similar’ item if they had ran out of the exact one that you had ordered).

Well: the Marmite that I had ordered was replaced with dry yeast.
Yikes. No! Cannot do that. They are absolutely not equivalent! I told the store this on the feedback form afterwards (without yelling at them).

Yes, they both have ‘yeast’ on the label, but Marmite is a spread used on toast, bread and crackers, and is NEVER used for baking the way that the dry yeast is. The problem is that most grocery stores here in the United States put the Marmite on the baking goods shelf, next to the yeasts, instead of on the condiments shelf next to other spreads that you put on bread and toast.

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