Tuesday/ four weeks to go

Only four weeks remain until The Election of a Lifetime on Tuesday, Nov 3.
Polling done after that disastrous debate, shows that candidate Joe Biden had widened his lead over Trump in the national polls. (Trump’s positive Covid test and the drama of the last few days have not been factored in).
Biden also holds sizable leads in most of the swing states, and is at a statistical draw in Florida (come on, Florida – don’t vote for Trump!).

The FiveThirtyEight website (owned by the New York Times) give Biden an 82% chance at winning. Look at that Fivey Fox mascot on the left, though: ‘Upset wins are surprising but not impossible’. Well. Let’s just say if Trump does win, there WILL BE VERY, VERY MANY PEOPLE THAT WILL BE MIGHTILY, MIGHTILY UPSET, and I will be one of them.

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