Tuesday/ tonight’s ‘debate’

Don’t be fooled by the nice-looking formal debate stage. It was ugly, made so by Trump. Debate moderator Chris Wallace (middle) lost control of the debate three minutes in, and never regained it. ‘No more men for president‘,  said some women on Twitter. ‘No more debates‘, said many others (there’s TWO MORE – unbelievable). Can we just vote and get it over with?

I was spared from watching Trump and Biden ‘debate’ tonight (I play socially distanced tennis on Tuesday nights). Lucky me. The highlights (lowlights, really) were available, and discussed afterwards, of course.

Once again, Trump would not disavow white supremacist groups, specifically the Proud Boys: a far-right and neo-fascist organization.
‘Stand back and stand by‘, said Trump. The Proud Boys celebrated their mention at the debate afterwards.

Here is the New York Times’s six takeaways from the debate:
—Trump trampled over everything.
—Biden, at his strongest, pivoted to the camera — and away from Trump.
—Trump still wants to wear the outsider mantle.
—Trump would not condemn white supremacy, or urge his supporters to stay calm.
—Trump did little to address the gender gap (women support Biden far more than they do Trump).
—Biden rebuffed the leftist label that Trump tried to pin on him.

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