Saturday/ most restaurants will have to close

Among a long list of requirements, restaurants here in King County are to operate at only 50% capacity or less, a maximum 5 people per table, and 6 ft of social distancing between tables and patrons.

Five months in, it’s early in the pandemic. As many as 85% of independent restaurants (they make up 70% of all restaurants) may go out of business by the end of 2020, according to the Independent Restaurant Coalition. Yikes.

Coastal Kitchen’s sign was lit up on Friday night, but the doors were closed. I hope that this means that they are just temporarily closed, and not for good.
Some restaurants have added outdoor space that now goes right into the street. It’s good that this section of street was closed for the night, because traffic would drive by with very little room to spare. Rain and colder weather may come in September, definitely in October, and then this will no longer be possible to do.

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