Wednesday/ CHOP gets the chop

Early this morning, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP, formerly called CHAZ) people were forced out of their turf that they had occupied for 23 days. A total of 44 people were arrested.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan had no choice. Two teenagers were killed in the last few days. and three other people were injured in shootings in or near the CHOP, since the protest began on June 8. Businesses and residents had long vented their frustration at the chaos and the noise in the area.

What had been a peaceful protest and street fair of sorts, had turned violent and unsustainable. City workers made quick work of it, removing concrete barriers with front loaders, picking up the ‘Honey bucket’ toilets and dismantling other structures. There is extensive graffiti on the structures in neighboring Cal Anderson Park, and some on the streets and buildings in the area as well. [Post from @jospehsuttner on Twitter]

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