Thursday/ what epidemiologists say

Below is a survey of the activities that epidemiologists expect to be OK to do –
⋆  Soon/ this summer;
⋆  3 to 12 months out;
⋆  Only after a year (oh no!), and
⋆  Never again (oh no! say it ain’t so).

Meanwhile, there is a deafening silence from the CDC about the pandemic.
No more coronavirus task force briefings.
Trump plans a mass rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the end of next week. (Attendees have to sign waivers that they will not sue his campaign if they get sick or die).
The death toll stands at 114,000. Are we just accepting that almost 1,000 Americans still die every day? It looks like we are.

Source: The New York Times, Monday June 8, 2020.
Check out this photo tweeted by Vice President Mike Pence yesterday (quickly deleted when he realized how bad it was). It’s the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign staff, in the Virginia office. Pence is Trump’s coronavirus task force leader. (Was, I guess. They claim it’s ‘over’). No masks, no social distancing. In Virgina, gatherings of 10+ people are not allowed.  #KAG stands for Keep America Great. (Great? With 114,000 dead and 13% unemployment?).

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