Friday/ the ‘ghost dog’ of the forest

Today is the 15th annual Endangered Species Day.
Check out this picture of the ‘ghost dog’ of the Amazon rain forest.

A haunting still image of one of the Amazon rain forest’s most elusive and enigmatic mammals. It’s a short-eared dog .. or at least a type of dog. It is the only member of the canine genus Atelocynus, and also called the short-eared zorro (Atelocynus microtis). Researchers only learned of the species when it made cameo appearances on camera traps deep in the forest, that had been set up for other animals. At present, some 50 researchers are unraveling the creature’s habits and characteristics, hoping to be able to better protect it from extinction. [Video Still by Daniel Rocha. Information from the Science section in the New York Times, May 4, 2020].

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