Saturday/ taking the train to downtown

It’s an easy 11 minutes on the train, going  from Bull Creek station where I am, to the Perth Underground station downtown.
So off I went today, to buy one more Christmas present, and then call it done. (The mission was accomplished).

Here comes the Transperth train, going north on the Mandurah line. (Mandurah is a city on the coast, a 45-minute drive south of Perth). The line opened 12 years ago, in Dec. 2007.
The Commonwealth Bank Building is a six-story stone-clad building constructed from 1930-1933. (So right during the time of the Great Depression, which hit Australia hard as well. There was no international demand for Australia’s important export industries such as wool and wheat). The water fountains were on, and the kids enjoyed the respite it offered in the 87 °F/ 31 °C weather.
Here’s the action at the Perth Underground station, as we were boarding to go south towards Mandurah, and for me to hop off at Bull Creek Station.

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