Wednesday/ clear and cold

The Pacific Northwest is not plagued by any of the large storm systems that are sweeping over the continent*, but it is chilly outside.  We are at that point where one opens the front door and go: Whoah! Feels colder than my refrigerator! The high was 42°F / 5°C today.

*Making trouble for Thanksgiving travelers and Black Friday shoppers, alike.

Here’s a streetcar at the Broadway & Denny stop today, the end of the First Hill line. Sunset is only 35 minutes away here (now at 4.22 pm), the shadows already creeping up on the new apartment buildings across the street. There was news today that the outcome of Initiative 976 — the ‘Yes’ for the $30 car tab measure (a disaster for public transport funding)— has been put on hold while a legal challenge moves forward. A King County Superior Court judge ruled that opponents had adequately argued that the measure’s ballot title was misleading, and he issued an injunction. [Source:].

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