Sunday/ take me to the Space ‘Neevle’

I spotted the Apple Maps car on Sunday here on Capitol Hill, presumably upgrading its survey of my neighborhood.

I see (online) that Apple Maps has improved vastly in recent years, and is ready to challenge Google Maps. Hmm. I have them both on my phone, so maybe if one leads me into a dead end somewhere in a new country or city, I can switch to the other app, and give it another try.

Just for fun, I asked for directions to the Space Needle on Apple Maps, and it really, really sounds as if the voice says Starting Route to Space Neevle. Proceed to .. ‘. That’s OK, though. Space Neevle/ Space Needle – close enough.

Here is the little Apple Maps car with its high-definition 360° cameras in the white dome, and that must be the LIDAR equipment (Light Detection and Ranging), in the gray cylinders below. The radars scan a terrain up to 80m all around, and collect a detailed cloud of points at some 700 000 points per second.

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