Monday/ got my flu shot!

I was at the pharmacy today, and the pharmacist said ‘just so you know’, that they already have a shipment of the 2019/ 20 flu shots. ‘Let’s do it!’ I said, and got my flu shot right there and then.

It was a quadrivalent shot: a vaccine for four strains of the flu virus — for what it’s worth. I read online that the 2018/ 19 season’s flu shot was only about 30% effective. There was a late-surging strain, against which it was no help at all.

Missing the mark: cartoon by Dave Granlund, published during the 2014/ 15 season when the vaccine was even less than 30% effective.  P.S. I would say it’s not really the lab that misses the mark — it’s the panel of experts that try to predict which strains of the flu virus will circulate around the regions of the world for the upcoming flu season.

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