Sunday/ South Lake Union construction update

Some of the construction projects in South Lake Union are nearing their completion: the Nexus condominium tower, the Denny Substation and the Google office buildings. I took these pictures today.

Here is the 41-story Nexus condominium tower at 1200 Howell St, viewed from the south. The ‘cubes’ with their 8° offsets add a little interest to the building.
This is the fancy main gate and its door, of Seattle City Light’s Denny Substation (see the ‘LIGHT’ in big letters?). The walkways on the outer perimeter alongside the building are still closed to the public, though. The $210 million substation will be fully operational by year-end.
Hmm .. and check out the artwork that has now been installed: the 110 ft (33.5 m) tall ‘Frankenstein’ transmission tower (my name for it).  Its official name is Transforest, and it was designed by Lead Pencil Studio.
There are no cranes on the Google building anymore – just scaffolding to complete the outside cladding. I’m looking west, and that’s Mercer Street on the left, onto which the construction crane had crashed on April 28. The cloud logo stands for Google Cloud Platform, a suite of cloud computing services. Google employees will start to move in later this summer.

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