Monday/ Port Hudson & Port Townsend

That red spot on the route back to Hansville from the Olympic Peninsula, shows that there were lots of traffic crossing the Hood Canal Bridge.

We drove out to Port Townsend and Port Hudson on the Olympic Peninsula today.

It was Memorial Day, which means there were lots of weekend visitors making their way back to the ferries to Seattle.

We are staying over in Hansville and will go back to the city tomorrow morning.

This is Cupola House in Port Hudson, dedicated to all the men and women in Jefferson County who served in the Korean War (1950-53), and especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Here is the Jefferson Museum of Art & History, located in the old Port Townsend City Hall building, constructed in 1892.
This viewpoint is to the north of Port Townsend, and we are are looking at the pier and the beach by Fort Worden State Park.  There is a giant yellow rubber duck in the water, and the lighthouse in the distance is on Point Wilson.
Beautiful bearded irises at the same viewpoint.
The end of the Hood Canal Bridge as we crossed it just before sunset. It links the Olympic Peninsula with the Kitsap Peninsula.

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