Wednesday/ covering up the cover-up

Are we seeing the disintegration of the Trump Presidency in slow motion?
Is this Trump’s ‘I am not a crook‘ moment à la Nixon? Time will tell.

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — President Trump abruptly blew up a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders on Wednesday, declaring that he could not work with them until they stopped investigating him and lashing out at Speaker Nancy Pelosi for accusing him of a cover-up.

He then marched out into the Rose Garden, where reporters had been gathered, and delivered a statement bristling with anger as he demanded that Democrats “get these phony investigations over with.” He said they could not legislate and investigate simultaneously. “We’re going to go down one track at a time,” he said.

Trump in the Rose Garden today, shamelessly lying, as he does pretty much every day. One could argue – and present tons of hard evidence – that most of what Trump has done his whole life, is to obfuscate and cover up (his unethical and illegal/ borderline-illegal activities in his public life and private life. The list is long. He covered up his payment to a sex worker (prostitute) right before the 2016 election. He covered up Don Jr’s June 2016 meeting with the Russians. Right now he tries to covers up his tax returns, his real estate deals he is probably making while he is President, and his shady dealings with Deutsche Bank. He covered up his conversations with Putin, with the Saudis. On and on and on.
Personal check from Trump to Michael Cohen, as reimbursement for the hush money Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels. Trump lied when asked about it by a reporter on Air Force One. ‘I know nothing about it, you’d have to ask Michael Cohen’. Lying is one of Trump’s instincts; it’s compulsive and part of who he is. 

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