Monday/ walking up Pike street

When I go downtown with the No 10 bus, I usually take the same No 10 bus back, from its stop a the Washington State Convention Center on Pike. Today at 5 pm, though, that spot was flooded with Microsoft nerds just leaving the first day of the 2019 Microsoft Build conference. And another 15 minutes for the next bus, said my app, and I thought: well, it’s such a nice day, let’s just walk walk walk, which is what I did, all the way home (took about 20 minutes).

I love this dinosaur sign at Saint John’s Bar & Eatery on Pike. It might be a Sinclair Gas Station dinosaur; these were used in Sinclair’s marketing as far back as 1930. And I thought the flag behind it was the national flag for Jordan or Lebanon, but no: it’s an arboreal flag that is popular in Portland, Oregon – sometimes called the ‘Doug flag’ for the Douglas fir tree that is depicted on it.

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