Monday/ a shoe box light box

Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the saying, and I needed a light box to look at a shoe box full of old 35mm film negatives that I have. So I made a light box with a shoe box and a glass plate.

The other little problem: it is no longer possible to run down to the pharmacy on the corner, and get prints made in an hour from 35mm film*. Besides, one would want to have scans made directly from the film, instead of prints that would have to be scanned. It seems to me the options are to use an online service for film scanning, or to invest in a film scanner that will do the trick.

*Digital photography took over film some 15 years ago (in 2003, digital cameras outsold film cameras for the first time). So I’d have to ponder whether I want to buy a film scanner to bring some of these pictures back to life.

My shoe box light box. Hmm. How many of these are worth scanning or printing?, is what I am pondering. I see thedarkroom. com offers a service that runs $1 per frame for a Standard 1024×1536 (4.5 Mb) scan; $2 per frame for an Enhanced 2048×3072 (18.1 Mb) scan; $4 per frame for a Super 4492×6774 (87.1 Mb) scan. So I’d say if one is going to want any more than say, 100 frames scanned, a $200 scanner or even a more expensive $600 one, one might be worthwhile investing in.

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