Friday/ Adidas ‘barricade boost’

My new Adidas tennis shoes landed on the porch on Friday, shipped all the way from Sharonville, Ohio. (I’m going to play a little social tennis this summer). Sporting goods stores seem to carry very few tennis shoes nowadays. Running shoes and basketball shoes take up all the shelf space, instead.

I guess one can play some tennis in a pinch with any athletic shoe, but proper tennis shoes have a sturdy base, and support for the player’s forefoot and toes that get dragged across the tennis court.

The 2018 edition of the Adidas ‘barricade boost’ tennis shoe. Black and scarlet red is a first for me in a tennis shoe! Tennis shoe designs now change almost every year. So one never knows for sure if the new shoes will actually be better – or as good as – one’s old pair that had been a perfect fit.

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