Tuesday/ how will Trump’s presidency end?

There is increasing chatter on cable news here in the US, and among watchers of the Mueller Investigation, that the investigation is wrapping up and that its report is imminent. Several high-profile Mueller team members have departed from the investigation. Trump’s weekend tweet storms seem to become increasingly unhinged.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi has taken a Trump impeachment (with what we know now), off the table. She’s right that it’s no use that the House vote to impeach him, only for impeachment to die in the Senate (2/3 majority needed).

Senate Republicans used to stand for decency, for law and order, and for upholding the Constitution. Now they are all Trumpsters, and they belong to the Trump Party.

I made a pie chart of the results of an informal 100-person poll, conducted by New York magazine on the streets of New York.  (So some 2/3 of those polled, think Trump will lose or not even make it to 2020 to run again. Well. Count me among the 9 that said ‘I have no idea’).

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