Friday/ Trump gets nothing

Early this morning the FBI arrested yet another Trump campaign adviser.
Later in the day, with airport delays reported due to Day #35 of the government shutdown, Trump gave in and surrendered to the insistence of the Democratic leadership that he open the government before discussions about border security can start. He got no money for his wall, and no concessions.

Remarked NBC reporter Peter Alexander: Question for the President- How can you cast this as anything other than a wasted five weeks of (financial) pain for Americans, caused by you? 

Dirty trickster and gadfly Roger Stone (in the middle on the left) was arrested this morning by the FBI. He faces charges for witness tampering, obstruction of an official proceeding and making false statements. He worked on the Trump campaign and has been a Trump supporter and confidante for decades. Said WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders today: ‘Stone’s arrest has nothing to do with Trump’. Oh really? We don’t believe you, Sarah. [Graphic by the New York Times from a report by ].

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