Wednesday/ uncharted waters

Fear: which one?- Trump’s fear of the Special Investigator? Fear of what Trump might do? The angst of the White House staff? Of the white people that got Trump elected in the first place?

Some say the constitutional crisis for the United States has been here for awhile, already. (Cannot get rid of a manifestly unfit-for-office President, because his party protects him). Others say it is still in the making.

But something must be seriously, seriously screwed up when senior administration officials write alarming, anonymous op-eds in the New York Times.

And when, almost every week, a book comes out that describe utter dysfunction & mayhem in the White House.  The latest book is by none other than investigative journalist Bob Woodward, famous for his work on Watergate, and with The Washington Post since 1971. There is no denying his reporting.

Democracy as we know it, teetering on the edge? Picture from the Op-Ed in the New York Times. Treason! tweeted Trump. And: the NYT must reveal to him who the source is. (Ha ha. Yes, I’m sure they will, King Trump).

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