Sunday/ trying some ScoMo, down under

Australia has had a turbulent week in politics, one that saw prime minister Malcolm Turnbull ousted on Friday. Scott Morrison was voted in by parliament as the country’s 30th prime minister.

Morrison’s political views are socially conservative (he abstained from the vote for legalizing same-sex marriage earlier this year). I read in Wikipedia that Morrison is from the Liberal Party of Australia, ‘a major centre-right liberal conservative political party in Australia’  .. a description which I find confusing!  Anyway: the centre-left party in Australian politics, is the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

Let me try to interpret this political cartoon: That’s new Australian PM Scott Morrison (nickname ScoMo) on the far right. He is offering detergent (a play on a popular detergent called Omo) to his main challenger that lost, Peter Dutton (middle). On the left might be James McGrath, a Turnbull supporter that turned against him (Turnbull). The ‘big on whiteness’ might be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the almost-all white constituents in the Division of Cook that Morrison has been representing since 2007 before becoming Prime Minister. (At least I hope that is all that it is).  [Source: The Weekend Australian; by cartoonist Liement].

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