Saturday/ John McCain : a patriot, a paradox

Key moments from John McCain’s life. [Source: The Weekend Australian]
Legendary US Senator John McCain (81) passed away on Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer.  I did not agree with the man’s politics*, but he was a survivor, for sure. Even before he was shot down in Vietnam as a Navy pilot, there was the 1967 USS Forrestal aircraft carrier fire disaster.  And in his political career, he survived the Keating Five corruption scandal in 1989.

*There was that famous midnight thumbs-down for the ‘Skinny Repeal’ of Obamacare. But the reason McCain gave, was that it was not done by ‘regular order’. Or it could have been motivated purely by revenge against Trump, for disparaging him as a war hero.

There are many more revealing details about his life in this article that Tim Dickinson wrote for Rolling Stone in 2008 when McCain ran against Obama.

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