Thursday/ сюжет сгущается

(The plot thickens). Just tonight, it was reported by CNN and NBC that President ‘No Collusion’ Trump knew ahead of time (and presumably approved) the meeting that Don Trump Jr had had with the Russians, in June 2016 in Trump Tower. This was the infamous meeting to get ‘dirt’ from Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. The meeting first became public knowledge in the spring of 2017.  Trump Sr repeatedly denied he knew about the meeting beforehand. Don Jr told Congress under oath, that his dad did not know.

Did Presidential Candidate Trump know that the Russians had hacked Clinton’s e-mail? Or tried to hack it, or planned to hack it? – and secretly sent his son to meet with them?  If so – boom! that would surely be conspiring with the Russians against the United States,  as well as seal the case for obstruction of justice.

Michael Cohen is Trump’s ex-fixer. Cohen’s office was raided and the FBI now has millions of records and about 100 voice recordings (from Cohen) to pore over. Here is Michael Cohen’s attorney saying that the Cohen camp did not leak the information that President Trump knew about the Clinton ‘Dirt’ meeting.  So who leaked it? Someone on the Trump side? The plot thickens.

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