Thursday/ one to become six ‘net zeros’

Here’s another house nearby mine, that is now gone, gone, gone. The stately 1905 construction was completely demolished, and in its place will come two 3-story buildings with three net-zero condominium homes each. (A net-zero home has zero net energy consumption).

I am sure there will be stretches of winter months when the new homes will not achieve net zero energy consumption (cold weather, short days of sun for the solar panels) – but they will then make up for it in the summer months.

The 1905 home on the left is now gone (it’s 122 17th Ave), and will be replaced by two buildings (one front, one back) that look like the one in the black frame. The net zero energy use of the new buildings is mostly achieved by complete solar panel roofs. I wonder if some developers are starting to install Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall batteries.

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