Sunday/ we are all gay at Seattle Pride

Today I went to the annual downtown mayhem on Fourth Avenue – called the Seattle Pride parade – and stayed for some two hours to take a few pictures.
Then I walked down to the festivities (food & trinket booths, fountain, sound stage) by Seattle Center, at the foot of the Space Needle.  The Center grounds were packed with so many people, that one could hardly move. I took a few more pictures, and then thought: Alright, I did my part, let’s go home.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Washington State’s 7th congressional district (where I live). The 7th is the most Democratic (read: liberal, progressive) district in the Pacific Northwest, and the most Democratic district on the West Coast outside of the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles.
The crowds loved Blue Thunder, a roughly 33 piece drumline, that performs at games for the Seattle Seahawks (National Football League team).
Delta Dental health insurance company marched with giant balloon toothbrushes.
The big four tech companies showed up, of course: Google here, but also Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.
Recognize this balloon logo? Microsoft, of course. Microsoft is said to have gotten its ‘mojo’ back under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella (he took the position in 2014).
Here’s the fountain sphere at Seattle Center. It was warm enough (80 °F, 27 °C) to enjoy the spray from the fountain.
Happy Seattle Pride! The rainbow flag is up, and the Space Needle renovation is now complete.

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