Tuesday/ boxed water and new buildings

Boxed water, offered at the little ground-breaking ceremony yesterday. (Capitol Hill is a registered eco-district). A lot better for the environment than plastic bottles – but these still have heavy plastic caps. Why not do away with the caps altogether?

It’s been more than three years since the Capitol Hill light rail train station here in my neighborhood opened (March 2016).

The construction of apartment buildings on the surrounding open plots of land will finally start. There was a little ceremony on Tuesday, with a few farmers’ market vendors on hand, and displays of the proposed construction, as well as the expansion plans for the light rail.

Some future stations were marked ‘service starts in 2036’ and ‘service starts in 2041’. Whoah. Where will the world be, and what will the world look like, then?

The station & entrance on the left, are complete. The apartment building is one of three 7-story buildings that will be constructed. There will be an open plaza, and space for a farmers market as well. [FromĀ www.seattleinprogress.com].

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