Tuesday/ mountain lion attack

There was a mountain lion (cougar) attack on two mountain bikers on Saturday morning. Isaac Sederbaum (31) was injured but is OK, but his friend S.J. Brooks (32), tragically, did not survive. Brooks was an avid biker that had moved here from Boston. Before Saturday, 16 cougar attacks, one of which was fatal, had been reported in Washington state during the past century.

These Washington State animal stories made were in the news the last few weeks. 1: The mountain lion attack happened near North Bend. Dept of Fish & Wildlife officials later tracked the mountain lion down and killed it. It tested negative for rabies. 2: A rabid bat bit someone on the finger, at the University of Washington stadium. (If bitten, try to catch the bat & seek medical help immediately). 3: Picture of large crested porcupine on the loose, spotted in Spanaway. No porcupines in North America, so likely a pet no longer wanted & let loose. Still not found. 4: Bald eagle steals rabbit from baby red fox on San Juan Island. Fox was OK after dropping back to the ground. [Picture by Kevin Ebi/ livingwilderness.com]

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