Wednesday/ February’s gone

Feb 28 is the last day on my garbage collection calendar. I have the new 2018/19 one, and will put it up. (That hippo is a fridge magnet).

Well, that was February. 2018 is moving along!
I say: it’s going to be a fascinating year.

Will son-in-law Jared Kushner still be in the White House by December? No. His security clearance has finally been revoked, and there is a fresh scandal in the news of him mixing business and White House access.
Will Trump still be in the White House? Maybe, as a lame-duck President. Oh – he announced his 2020 campaign manager this week. What a joke.
Will new Fed chairman Powell have raised interest rates 3 times, or 4? I say 3, maybe only 2. Nobody knows yet if inflation is going to pick up significantly, or why wages are so slow to increase with almost full employment.
Will we finally have new gun control laws on the books, now that Walmart, Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods no longer sell the AR-15 assault weapon? Who knows. Trump staged a classic con-man ‘listening and discuss’ session at the White House today, reminiscent of his immigration discussion session (that was just for show). He offered that people that are deemed threats, should have their guns taken away immediately, and then afterwards have their due process in the court if they wanted them back. I cannot imagine the uproar from Republicans if Obama mentioned such a thing.

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