Thursday/ Trump at Davos

Trump’s arrival at the World Economic Forum in Davos caused a stir, but if I read reports correctly, he did not step on too many toes.

Per the  NYT: He expressed regret for sharing anti-Muslim videos originally posted by an ultranationalist fringe group in Britain, but made no apology for calling African nations “sh**hole” countries.

The carry-bag on the left made the rounds at Davos. Its picture is from cartoonist Chappatte, and the bag is available at I like the t-shirts from the website, as well (very ‘Davos’). The American Century t-shirt has a hamburger in there, the atom bomb, and (maybe?) a play on the money tree logo from investment funds management company American Century.   The sausage in the next t-shirt is cervelas (also servelat or zervelat), a sausage produced in Switzerland, France and parts of Germany.  Finally, a t-shirt that shows a future when snow may be rare, even at Davos.

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