Wednesday/ too much of a good (morning) thing

There was a cute report in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal about millions of Indian smartphone newbies. They just love to use WhatsApp to send sappy ‘Good Morning’ pictures to all their family and friends.  And so after a year or so, many users would find their phone storage completely clogged up with ‘Good Morning’ pictures.

Google researchers half a world away, thought at first that there might be a problem with the Android operating system (making the phones freeze up).  But when they found the cause was simply a phone filled to the brim with pictures, they posted an Android App that would search for, and clear out, these ‘Good Morning’ pictures by the thousand.  Since December there were more than 10 million downloads of the app, and the problem is solved for now.

Left: The Wall Street Journal article shows a typical ‘Good Morning’ picture, popular in India. Right: May I offer my snappier, ‘philosoraptor’ meme picture instead?

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