Sunday/ Hing Hay Park’s dragon

The red dot is Hing Hay Park, and the red frame is the International District.


There was a break in the rain today, and so I took the streetcar to the International District.  I took a few pictures at Hing Hay Park, and browsed around in the Kinokuniya bookstore (Japanese).

By then another big band of rain clouds were passing over the city, though, and I got a little wet before I made it home.

Main Picture: This dragon mural is facing Hing Hay Park. I love dragons. Insets: Cement benches in the park have beautiful Western chess boards and Xiangqi (Chinese chess) boards built right into them. Chinese chess is played with 14 pieces for each player: two each of Advisor, Cannon, Chariot, Elephant(!), General, Horse, Soldier.  Pieces are placed on the intersections of the lines and not inside the squares as in chess.

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