Early Tuesday/ to Paris, then Cape Town

I am at Frankfurt Airport. I checked into an airport hotel on Monday night. My flight to Paris is early Tuesday morning, and there I will catch the Air France flight to Cape Town, South Africa.

This is one of the departure halls in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt airport. I love the ‘industrial design’ look of the ceiling (maybe it’s a little dated for 2017?).
This is the hotel side of the skybridge connecting the airport to the on-site hotels. Translucent by day, the glass panels making up the shell of the skybridge, turn into a mosaic of reflections by night.
And here’s a late-night view down into the lobby of the Hilton Frankfurt Airport, from the tenth floor. The light fixtures are LED, and continuously change their colors. (I’m staying in the cheaper Hilton Garden Inn right next to the Hilton proper).

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