Sunday/ Weihnachtsmarkt, Frankfurt

I made it to the Frankfurt Christmas market on Sunday night. The biggest one in the city is at the Römerberg, the public square in the old town, and seat of the Frankfurt city administration since the 15th century.

It was cold! .. but by evening the snow had stopped. Later, when I was already back in the hotel, a heavy downpour of rain later washed away just about all of the snow on the ground.  I hope the stalls for the Römerberg vendors stayed dry inside!

The giant merry-go-round is one of the main attractions in the Romerberg square, and good for adults and kids.
This giant Christmas tree was brought in (normally there are no trees on the square), and lit up brightly, with a nativity scene down below.
And here are the stalls – several dozens of them, selling glühwein, coffee, pretzels, bratwurst and all kinds of Christmas souvenirs and decorations. One of my favorite ones was a set of wooden alphabet letter cut-outs, each letter made into a little train car with wheels and hookups front and back. Then one would think of a phrase, or simply a name, and buy the letters and build a little letter train for the mantelpiece.


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