Sunday/ the construction goes on

Deadlines have to be met, and time costs money – so construction on the new downtown Seattle buildings soldiers on, regardless of the season.  The crews do take a break on Sundays, and then I can go check on their progress.  Here are two buildings near Westlake Avenue and Denny Way.

This is 2202 8th Ave, a 40-storey condo building, as seen from the south from Blanchard St. The inset below shows Denny Park as a green patch behind the building, and the architect picked an oval shape to ‘provide a visual bridge between the intersecting Downtown and South Lake Union neighborhoods’. The building is near a weird triangular confluence of major streets.
This is 2100 7th Ave (‘Amazon Block 21’), viewed from the corner of Blanchard St and 8th Ave. There will be two buildings, an 8-storey and a 24-storey. The bottom picture is an artist’s rendering of the completed project, and is the view when one stands on the opposite side of the construction site (with one’s back to the biospheres).  I guess the S on the crane stands for Santa?


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