Saturday/ strange currencies

You know with love comes strange currencies -from the song ‘Strange Currencies’, R.E.M. (1995)

Also: with travel comes strange currencies. I sorted through my stash of foreign banknotes today, keeping the crisp new ones for my little amateur collection.  I will exchange the others for Euros or US dollars at the airport, during my upcoming trip to South Africa.

I thought for sure, that by now the Hungarian forints that I got in Budapest in 2008, would be of no use – replaced by Euros – but no: they’re still good.  The Hungarian government is in no hurry to adopt the Euro, apparently.  I have Danish, Swedish and Icelandic krona notes as well, to exchange.

A bunch of notes, but not worth much! All those Hungarian forints on the left, Ft 12,100 in total, come to only US $45. The 6,000 Icelandic krona (bottom left) are worth US $58. Maybe I can spend these at Reykjavik airport when I stop there.  The Danish & Swedish krona (top left) are only worth $10 or so.

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