Thursday/ Senate Republicans at it: beggaring for special interest donations

Here we are again, watching the Senate Republicans doing their best to press into law, as quick as they can, without proper debate and hearings, an immoral law that will touch every American.   (The Republican House had done their part already). The monstrous tax-cut bill that takes money away from students, teachers, hard-working middle-class people – and healthcare from sick people – is about to get voted into law.  At the 11th hour on Thursday night, a few Republicans balked at the $1 trillion (at least) that it will add to the budget deficit, but it will probably pass on Friday.

As Republican strategist Steve Schmidt says in his tweets (below): if you are a generation X-er, you should be aghast at what the Republican septuagenarians and octogenarians in Congress are doing in the name of politics.  They are beggars for donations from corporations and billionaires, and they are making all of us pay for it.

Let’s see. The United States is $20 trillion in debt. Another $10 trillion will be added the next 10 years. Oh, and let’s add another $1.5 trillion on top of that by REDUCING high income earner taxes, and INCREASING liabilities for students, teachers, middle-class workers. [Graphic from the New York Times]


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