Wednesday/ cooler Christmas lights

I replaced just about all the light bulbs inside my house with light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs this year.  It’s amazing: a tungsten-filament bulb that used to run at 60 Watt, can now be replaced with one that run only at 9 W!  This is much better still, than the 13 W for compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.  General Electric is now stopping production of domestic CFL lamps in favor of LEDs.

So for Christmas lights, many home-owners can now install strings of LED lights as well. Yes, these cost more to purchase, but a lot less to operate. (Every year we see reports of home-owners that set up displays with 100,000 bulbs or more, and that ‘borrow’ electricity from their neighbors to power it all up). LEDs also last longer than traditional incandescent glass lights, and are a safer light source since the bulbs do not get as hot, and are made of epoxy, not glass.

The Christmas lights on my neighbors’ homes across the street brightens up the winter darkness.  Alas, I do not  offer them the same view in return.  I did put up ‘icicle lights’ on my front gutter one year, and maybe I should do that again – next year.
This Seahawk-themed Christmas-light display of a Kirkland resident (east of Seattle) drew complaints by some neighbors last year about traffic, noise and flashing lights — 175,000 of them — from Thanksgiving through Christmas. So the house went dark last year. This year, the home-owner worked with the city to diminish the impact of visitors to his neighborhood, and the ‘Hawk’ house is back!  [Picture from Seattle Times]

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