Monday/ don’t blame the Connector

Microsoft’s Connector bus service started in 2007, and shuttles its employees from the Seattle side to Redmond and Bellevue.  The King County public bus Route 545 does run an express service out there as well, and some say that Microsoft is taking commuters out of the public transportation system. In 2014 a small group of protesters blocked Connector buses in Capitol Hill, blaming them for ‘enabling’ local Microsoft employees to drive up property prices. (It’s complicated.  There is also Amazon’s impact – and Seattle City Council policies lacking incentives for encouraging affordable housing construction. And a new tax on international buyers in Vancouver in 2016 just made Seattle more popular for these buyers as well).

Microsoft did support the ‘Yes’ initiative for ST3, the expansion of light rail service over to the East side. So in a few years, commuters to the East side will have even more options.  I think it’s all good. The more buses and trains and street cars, the better.

I was waiting for the No 12 bus on 19th Ave on Monday morning to run an errand, when the fancy Microsoft Connector bus swept in and picked up a dozen or so Microsofties. The Connector stopping at King County bus stops is part of a pilot program.  King County says this makes ‘better use of curb space’.

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