Wednesday/ a rough start!

Here is a self-driving shuttle bus from German railway operator Deutsche Bahn. They plan to deploy a number of these in 2018 to shuttle passengers to and from train stations.

A self-driving shuttle got into an accident on its first day of service in Las Vegas.  Aw – but it was a human driver’s fault, actually (or – of course? Can I take the side of the machine even though I am a human?).  A large delivery truck operated by its human driver, pulled out into the street from a loading bay.  The shuttle came to an abrupt stop, but the truck grazed the front of the shuttle bus.  Fortunately,  none of the eight passengers, nor the truck driver, were injured.

The self-driving shuttle bus, is made by French startup Navya. It is owned and operated by French private transportation company Keolis, on a 0.6-mile loop around downtown Las Vegas. The rides are free.

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