Black Monday in South Africa

The route for the ‘Enough is enough’ memorial motorcade to Cape Town on Monday. The procession started at Klapmuts, site of a recent murder of a farmer there.

Monday was ‘Black Monday’ in South Africa:  a day of organized protest against the continued high murder rate of farmers in the country. Accurate numbers are hard to come by, but it is impossible to see the frequent reports on the front pages of newspapers, and not to acknowledge that there is a problem.

I wish I knew what the solution is. It is an issue fraught with race relations, the recent history of white farmers in neighboring Zimbabwe, and one of broken promises from the South African government to provide better security and justice to citizens that produce the country’s food supply.

The scene out in Klapmuts near Stellenbosch early on Monday morning, as protesters in a motorcade prepared to drive to Cape Town, to protest the ineffectiveness of the South African Police Service (SAPS) to make a dent in the on-going high rate of murders in rural areas and on farms in South Africa. In many other towns and cities in South Africa similar protests were held.

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