Monday/ stop, just stop.

Niger is a landlocked country north of Nigeria. The incident occurred in the southwest of the country, near the border with Mali.


Here a great analysis of the multiple lies from Trump and the damage control that the White House staff had to engage in since last Monday.   (Four American green berets were ambushed in Niger, Africa, on Oct 4, bringing to light that at least 800 American soldiers are there, something not even senior members of Congress were aware of.  Some lawmakers have called for the 9/11 authorization from Congress – now 16 years on – for the US armed forces to go after terrorists across the globe, to be redefined and reauthorized).

Compiled by Philip Bump, from today’s Washington Post. Trump: Lies, repeated lies, and then more lies, all the while lashing out with tweets to a congresswoman, and to a young pregnant widow that lost her husband (he was one of the four soldiers).  Kelly = Gen. John Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff. Sanders = Sarah Sanders, Trump’s Press Secretary.
This cartoon from the Times of London says it all.  Grotesque.


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