Saturday/ heads up! zebra crossing!

The Cape Pioneer Trek mountain bike ride was done in 7 stages (over 7 days), for a total of 553 km (343 mi) and a combined elevation of 11, 370 m (37,300 ft). It started in Mossel Bay and ended in Oudtshoorn.

The Cape Pioneer Trek mountain bike competition ended on Saturday in the southern Cape in South Africa.

It is a very beautiful part of the country, and the riders go through trails in nature reserves. I have to believe they are safe from predators, but they still have to watch out for zebra, giraffes and antelopes.

Watch out! when not on a paved surface, says the caption.  This was in the second stage, with four riders experiencing a close encounter with zebras on the trail. Last year, two Dutch riders almost collided with a young giraffe.  Picture by Zoon Cronje, published in Die Burger newspaper.

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