Saturday/ Trump’s swamp, Exhibit A

Price took a Gulfstream C-37B (same as G550 in the picture) owned by the Department of Defense for a weeklong trip in late May through Africa and Europe. The six legs of travel, which represented about 30 hours of flight time, were projected to cost $311,418.25, according to an invoice reviewed by

‘Drain the Swamp!’ was Donald Trump’s rallying cry during his campaign. Well, the swamp is alive and well. Trump’s Health & Human Services (HHS) secretary Tom Price, finally quit on Friday. He brought a scandal onto himself with his ultra-exorbitant travel expenses.  The feat he pulled off: pile up expenses to the tune of $1,000,000 of overseas trips and the more than two dozen trips he has taken on private planes domestically since May.  This is after he cut the HHS travel annual budget of $4.9 million by $663,000 (15%).  And for comparison, his predecessor Kathleen Sibelius, took one private plane flight in all of her 5-year tenure.

Even so, it appears Price’s ultimate sin was not being able to repeal Obamacare (that is: take away healthcare money for millions of Americans), and so he had to go.

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