Tuesday/ ‘Rocket Man’ and Maria

All right .. I know there are on-going wars and catastrophes in the world, but it was still a day filled with unsettling news.  I woke up at 7 am to President Trump’s bombastic speech at the United Nations. A little restraint, Mr President? Why (again) call Kim Jung-un ‘Rocket Man’?


Then reports of the 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City came in, with buildings that collapsed and 150 reported dead so far.

Hurricane Maria has been in the news the last few days, striking Dominica (pop. 73,543) today and projected to make landfall in Puerto Rico (pop. 3.4 million) with Category 4 winds on Wednesday morning.

Finally, back in the category of man-made disasters, there is another effort underway from the Republicans in the United States Congress to shove the country’s healthcare system off a cliff (the Graham-Cassidy Bill).


Update Wed 9/20: The death toll in Mexico City rose to 245 on Wednesday.  No casualties reported so far from Puerto Rico, but the entire island is without power.

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